Horse Training


Circle Lazy S uses a style of training that is based on the natural horsemanship. This style of working with horses teaches the horses through pressure and release wherein a communication is developed with the horses' mind.  By communicating with the horse this way, the horse can then prepare it's feet to make any maneuver the rider asks the horse to do.  A horse can use this type of communication of pressure and release as a foundation to excel at any type of discipline of riding.  

Horses are started with extensive ground work and round-pen work.  The horse learns ground manners, flexion, and softness.   Skills learned in the ground work then become the foundation of balance, bending, and softness in the bridle when the horse is ridden.  With this foundation the horse learns to move off of leg pressure, turn on the forehand, turn on the hauches, bending, leads, side pass, stop, back softly, and back in circles.  After the basics are mastered in the arena the horse is then taken out on the trail.  On the trails the horse is ridden on their own to help them with any herd-bound issues they might have, they also cross water, and tackle different types of terrain.  The horse also learns to accept being ridden with a flag and have a rope thrown off of them.

Circle Lazy S offers monthly training board.  We have a two month minimum and the board is pasture board.  Horses are fed once or twice a day depending on the horses' regular feeding schedule.  We limit the number of horses we take for training at a time as to be sure that every horse gets the amount of attention needed.  Horses are ridden 5 to 6 days a week.

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