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Circle Lazy S, LLC is a horse training business started by Susannah Fay in November, 2007.  Susannah Fay has been riding horses since she was 4 years old and training horses since the age of 15.   Susannah started out riding english and began showing Hunter Jumpers at age 7.  She also showed Jumpers around the southeast from age 17 to 23.  At that same time she had students she was training and taking to shows in the local hunter jumper association.  At age 22 Susannah took a summer job out in Colorado on a guest ranch and fell in love with the west.  The following year she went to Wyoming to work and was introduced to a different way of training horses.  A way of training that wasn't so much "training" and was more based on working with the horses.  This was her first introduction to some great hoseman and the style of natural horsemanship.  Since this time Susannah has been learning and honing these skills trying to master the art form of working with horses.  For the last 8 years she has worked for the same ranch starting their young horses and working with older horses.  This gave Susannah the opportunity to work with 100 different horses of all different levels of knowledge and different temperaments, allowing her to develop the skills and feel she uses when she works with horses today.  Susannah also went to work for a cutting horse trainer to learn more about yet another discipline of riding.  Through the natural horsemanship style of training she has found it to be such a complete foundation that no matter the style of riding a horses' career may be in, that this style of training gives the horses the knowledge of the fundamentals that they need to succeed for the rest of their lives.

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